Native Sharing API for Unity Engine

Easy and Free Sharing

NatShare is a lightweight, easy-to-use social sharing API for Unity Engine. NatShare allows for cross-platform text, image, and media sharing in just three steps:

First, create a sharing payload:

var payload = new SharePayload();

Add items you want shared:

payload.AddText("Sharing is caring!");

Finally, commit the payload to trigger the native sharing UI:


Lightweight and Powerful

NatShare is designed to be extremely lightweight. Features include:

  • Share text, images, videos and other media files.

  • Share multiple items at once.

  • Save items to the camera roll.

  • Experimental support for printing images and image files.

  • Get success or failure of sharing action.

  • Cross-platform support for iOS and Android.

  • Free Open-Source Software (FOSS), with extremely permissive MIT license.

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